Our Mission

Making every day life of locals easy

Project Indiawale is a mission to create centrally organized, moderated, and helpful city based Facebook groups to make everyday life of locals easy. Local residents can join their respective city groups affiliated with Project Indiawale on Facebook and Ask and Find about anything, place or person of that particular city. Hence, it solves everyday problems like household services, rental accommodation, employment, crisis, local civic or social issues etc. It also helps in generating business leads for local businesses.

Every group by Indiawale serves as a local Classifieds, Job Board, Market Place, and Discussion Forum dedicated to the particular city.

By bringing locals together, Indiawale also helps in nurturing harmony and unity among citizens and develops both social and commercial bonding; which is an essential part of socio-economic development.

Indiawale does not allow any political, religious or topics, which can create disharmony among people.

How it started?

The pilot project begins in 2015 with a Facebook group “Udaipurwale” based on Udaipur in the state of Rajasthan. Within the span of four years the Udaipurwale Group turned into network of 5 sub groups accumulated more than 1,50,000 people who are helping  each other in their everyday life.

How you can be part of it?

Indiawale is a joint contribution of like-minded people from across India. It’s a work of a mutual understanding and walking on a single objective. If you think, you can contribute in any way possible please contact us.

Connect with us

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